Thursday, 26 April 2012

Dare to be bright. red.

Bi's post on lipstick got me all inspired and so I decided to write about a little bit on the red lips trend. Red lipstick is so classic, this colour never goes out of date. It has already made a comeback for a few years now and it is set on to stay for many more seasons (despite Pantone announcing Tangerine as the colour of 2012). Wearing red is not just about fancy dressing for a party, it can also brighten up a casual day's outfit.

 Emma Roberts teaming the red lips with a simple monochromatic outfit.

I say, the more casual you wear the better this red lips trend will carry through without being too Mad Men. Try a loose neutral t-shirt with skinny jeans. The tricky thing, though, is finding a suitable red lipstick that goes with one's skin tone. So here is a quick and simple guide to choosing the right red lipstick colour for you.

Think back to all the things that you've learned about colours during art class in primary school.

If you have a warm skin tone, with yellow and orange undertones, choose cool shades of red with a tint of blue or pink.

Try: M.A.C. Ruby Woo, M.A.C Russian Red, Estée Lauder Mad Men Collection Cherry

If you have a cool skin tone, with blue and pink undertones, choose warms shades of red that have tint of orange in them.

Try: M.A.C Lady Danger, M.A.C Scarlett Ibis, NARS Heat Wave

Ashley Madekwe wearing M.A.C Lady Danger 

The contrast of warm and cool will compliment each other. If you are blessed with neutral skin tone then any shades of red should work for you. Still not sure? If your teeth is not sparkly white and is a bit on the yellowish side...go for a red with a blue undertone to help contrast the yellowness of the teeth, making your smile brighter! The M.A.C Russian Red is a winner for everyone.

Alexa Chung pulling off red lips so easily with her olive complexion.

Miss K.

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