Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Suitable all year round.

Nail Polish - 'Game on' & 'Hot to Trot' from Kit Cosmetics

Sunday, 2 September 2012

The next big trend

Will having armpit hair become the next BIG thing for women?

I was watching Chairlift's 'I belong in your arms' youtube video the other day and couldn't help but noticed lead singer Caroline Polachek's strip of underarm hair while she lifted up her arms to dance. I have started to notice quite a lot of female bands or musicians showing off their unshaved armpits in the last year. Take American band Those Darlins instance, all the band members take pride in their armpits. I first noticed this 'unshaved-armpit movement' in one of their music videos last year. That made me think.

When I was younger, I would take trips to China during school holidays. I remember going to markets and shopping centres in the Summer time, and I would see women wearing sleeveless tops, bearing their bushy underarms to all. At that time I would just laugh at them inwardly and dismiss hair removal as a Western-world-culture-kind-of-thing.

Is having an unshaved armpit feminist? Why is it more socially acceptable for men to grow their underarm hair (even though lots of men remove their hair now)? Why is it expected of a women to have a clean and hairless armpit? Who started this whole trend of hairless armpits? I'm sure women in the 1900s have underarm hair, unlike what is portrayed in today's period films. Since when did we decide that body hair looks disgusting and should be removed, when it acts to protect our body?

I applaud Caroline and the girls from Those Darlins for what they have been doing the whole time, because I don't think I will even have the courage to do so. My first thought when I saw their underarms was "good on them!" I say be confident in what you do. It's only natural for us to have body hair. Why take away something that is supposed to be there in the first place? Why do we have to let society controls how we feel about our OWN body? I know, I know. Body image. Peer pressure. Acceptance. Blah blah blah. Who cares what others think?

Last words

Men: Even though I say not to follow trends and be happy with yourself, sometimes it is good to trim down the armpit hair. No one wants to stand on a bus, tram or metro, in front of a big bush of messy armpit hair, especially when it's sweaty and full of odour.

Everyone: Be bold, be daring, be beautiful, be happy & just be yourself!

Miss K.

Enjoy. Comment below if you think underarm hair will be brought back.

Monday, 6 August 2012



Enough with the peplum* trend already. I am so sick of seeing more women wear the peplum everyday, at work and on the streets. Most of the time I just don't think it works. Yes, I do admit that I actually really like the look of peplum tops and dresses. It does look flattering to the figure, and it creates the hour glass shape, which I always root for. It dates back to the 1940s, which is a plus for me because I like vintage styles. However, I think that it should belong only on red carpets, movie sets and celebrities (okay, I'll give you the occasional party or dinner too). Peplum is so unpractical for us today. The poofed out overskirt is so in-the-way of other things and restrictive to moving-abouts. You can't even wear a jacket over it in the colder months because you'll squash and crease the overskirt. Don't just follow the trend.

Miss K.

* Peplum is a style of clothing where an overskirt or flared ruffle is attached to the waistline of the top or dress.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


每行一步 作一個決定

只不過 人生道理是要悟出來的

一些東西 只會在你失去後才知道沒有它如此不方便
一些人 不去愛過 你不會知到你其實一直不適合一些人
一些歌 你永遠永遠不會想像到數年後道出你的故事

所謂的歷練 就由這類小城大事割疤痕拼湊出來
對的人 遲了出現都一直是對的 不對可能是自己 對不對?

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Saying goodbye to online shopping (Confessions of an online shopaholic)


 The confession

Quite recently I have caught myself spun into an online shopping frenzy. To fill you in on the history,  I have started online shopping for clothing a few years ago. I wasn't satisfy with the clothes that the shops were offering, they were (and still are) expensive, cheaply made, and not my style, so I started looking at online stores. I would only make one or two small and cheap online orders every year, fearing that the items won't turn out the way I expected them to. I would look at things on the website wanting many of them but after placing the order I would stop thinking about them immediately. Before, one small online purchase could sustain me for almost a whole year.

Since early this year I have started to put in orders more frequently, and lately I have found myself placing one order every month. Each time, I would tell myself that this will be the last purchase that I am going to make. Then all things broke loose, I started to put in two orders in June. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that buying things is wrong or online shopping is bad for you. By all means, if you want to or feel the need to buy, you have the right to always buy whenever you like. But the whole shopping thing just contradicts and goes against my personal beliefs. Think to yourself, how many people live in poverty. Look at the kids in Africa, India and South America. I recently watched a documentary about poverty (watch the excerpt below). It featured a little Indian boy who can't attend school because he has to work in the quarry with his family for the rest of their lives to pay off a debt. How fortunate am I, I certainly do not need to throw my money away like this. I have a full closet of clothes and shoes, and I definitely don't need more.

I now find myself buying just to satisfy a sudden urge or to 'deal with being depressed'. I have even started to loose that excitement while waiting for the package to arrive. All the adrenalin goes into placing the order, then when the button is clicked I no longer feel that I need those items. I have identified a few reasons why online shopping is so appealing and addictive to me. I just don't buy in person at the shops anymore.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Top 5 Best Buy (Urban Outfitters edition)

Sorry for neglecting this blog, as Srin has already mentioned in the previous post, we've all been super busy with out lives. I for starters have been quite ill and busy with work, so I've been holding out this post for a few weeks. But we are back!

Unless you're super rich and has loads of money to give away, you're not going to buy five items each day regularly and frequently. So for my Top 5 Best Buy today, I've decided to do an edition on the purchases I've made to date from Urban Outfitters (from which I mostly buy online). Online shopping is so popular and convenient nowadays, there are tones of websites to shop from. I particularly like Urban Outfitters because they are quirky, trend setting and full of street style, which I personally love. The miscellaneous household apartment stuff that Urban Outfitters offers are so fun to use.

No. 5
5 Minutes Shower Timer
A shower timer with an inbuilt hourglass for 5 minutes countdown. It has a suction cup at the back for "easy installation". In the country where I live, there's a huge awareness on water conservation. Water to us is a limited resource, so I was really excited upon purchasing this handy timer so that I can waste less water and reduce my water bill aw well. Funny this. This product is so effective, it makes you shower to compete with the sand timer, trying to see who will finish first. I used it for two days (I won the race for every shower so far and I'm really proud of myself), then on the third day before I went to shower I found the timer on the shower floor with the hourglass broken and the sand running out inside the plastic case. The suction cup lost its suction hence the timer has fallen on the floor. Great. Six dollars for two uses only. I really loved this timer (or at least wanted to). My afterthought and advice for other people who own this is to only place it on the wall during each shower and remember to take it off afterwards, to prevent it from falling down at all. 

No. 4 
Deena & Ozzy Sandals
I bought these black covered toe sandals a few years ago when they were on sale for about 20USD. The quality of the shoes aren't great but what can you expect for a pair of 20 dollars shoes. I love the style of these sandals because they are so retro looking. I've been wearing them so much every summer and they are starting to wear out. Might need to start looking for quality pair of substitutes soon.

Cheap Monday Second Skin Jeans 
Go to my acid post to view a picture of it. 
I really should give Swedish clothing brand Cheap Monday the credit for the jeans... I have to say if you are not able to visit their stores in Europe, other retailers pretty much sell them at a ridiculously high price making them not so 'cheap' as their name suggests anymore. So I find Urban Outfitters sometimes offer a good reasonable sale price on these lovelies (you have to keep an eye on them). Thank you UO for stocking them! I bought my first pair of Second Skin online during a sale by pure risk taking. I wasn't sure about the sizing, let alone the acid wash colour, but I took a chance and it really paid off. Cheap Monday is now one of my favourite clothing brands.

No. 2
POP Phone Handset
Say goodbye to phone radiation. This phone handset made by Native Union reduces the chances of you having brain cancer while talking on the mobile phone. You can plug it into any electronic device with an audio port too. It comes in a huge range of colours. Best of all, this handset looks retro and makes a good laugh. Be sure to use them when you are out in public. I dare you.

No. 1
Sound Machine
Another thing that produces a good laugh. Great for awkward dinners and parties. It has 16 different sounds in a machine. From clapping and hilarious laughter, to drum roll and glass breaking. My favourite one is a lady's scream, it is hilarious but I don't use it much as I don't want the neighbours to call the cops.

Miss K.

*Coming soon: The confessions of an online shopaholic!! (Quite ironic considering the contents of this post)

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Top 5 Best Buy in JUNE!

Ok, I admit it, I have been lazy on blogging! My last blog was best buy in May, so that means I haven't been blogging for a MONTH!!! One excuse for that would be I was away for 2 weeks to Melbourne visiting my friends and brother... But yea...other than that.. I was just being...lazy... So enough said, back to the topic. June has been crazy because there is sale EVERYWHERE! It's so hard to resist not pulling out the money (or credit card) from my wallet  so my bank account has been drained once again.. sigh.. I blame the SHOPS!..well... I now declare that I would spend less in JULY... (I think I said this to myself every month..oh well.....) Enjoy the post everyone!

 #5 Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick Collection #16

I got this while I was in Melbourne. Sadly, we don't have rimmel in HK so I do regret not getting a few more rimmel lipsticks. This one I bought is #16, a pink with a slight peachy undertone. The texture is quite creamy, I won't say it's very smooth to apply on but smooth enough. The colour is perfect for those who are looking for something bright in summer but don't wanna be too loud at the same time. The colour is also quite user friendly that would suit most skintone.

#4 moustache necklace by forever 21

What a fun little necklace and there are so many colour to choose from. My best friend got one in mint green. I'm a boring girl so I just got the black.

#3 Justice by Michael J. Sandel
At third place is a book by Michael Sandel who is a lecturer teaching philosophy in Harvard. I got it at the airport because I forgot to bring the book I was reading and I always need a book to read when I travel. I couldn't find the english edition so got the chinese one which I really don't mind that much. Back to the book itself, the book explores a lot of controversies and ethical dilemmas happening in the society such as surrogate parenting, abortion and economic inequalities, uses many case studies and evaluates argument from both sides of the parties. Sandel gives many different angles based on theories proposed by different philosophers and challenges me to re-think what's right and wrong. I love it. Highly recommend!

#2 Moussy beach print shirt dress (top)

For me, this is a little too short to be a dress, for some (like B), it can definitely be a cute little dress! The print consists of the beach, the blue sky, trees, so summery, so unique! I usually just pair it with black accessories, so easy to style and looking chic at the same time :)

#1 Zojirushi bread maker
I didn't really purchase this, my mum did. I don't care but I am still putting this as my number one TOP BUY this month! I'm a bread addict. I love bread. I eat bread more than I eat rice. And this machine is FABULOUS and so fun to use!!!! You just need to put water, flour, sugar, yeast etc.. and press a button and after 3 hours WOW! A fresh loaf of bread is made. And you can use wheat flour, put raisins/nuts/dried fruit (my favorite is blueberry), substitute sugar with honey etc., for different variation. You can also make normal, firm or soft bread.. The only down side is there is only one loaf size. But personally I don't really mind because the loaf size is perfect for my family! YAY to bread maker!

srin <3 

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Animal print

Blazer - Zara, Leopard print shirt - Vintage, Black lace up boots - Ariat

I must confess that I'm not a fan of animal prints at all. B loves them, but I feel that they are just too costume-y and tacky for me. I had this leopard print shirt in my closet for years, passed down from my mum. Every time I put it on, I would take it back off within a few seconds. I finally decided to wear it going out one night, thinking it'll be dark at the place so no one can really see me in the print anyway. No, I don't think I'll voluntarily buy any animal prints in the future, but I'll definitely wear this shirt again because I like how subtle the leopard print is on this shirt. 

Miss K.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Acid wash

Cropped knit jumper - Asos, Second skin jeans in acid wash - Cheap Monday, Canvas - Puma, Bowling bag - Zara

Miss K.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Top 5 Best Buy of the Month - MAY

I love to read B and K's top buy entries so I thought I would do one too! All things shown below were bought in May and they are the things that I have been loving or I just know I will love them for a long time. Enjoy!

No. 5 
Colourful earrings 

 I got this just a few days ago and I'm already in love with them! So colourful with little flowers and fake blue diamonds that gives a little spark for any outfit. And guess how much are they? $25HKD!!!!!!!!!!! FABULOUS!

No. 4 
Kiehl's Lip Balm #1
I used this once when I was in elementary school (OMG around TEN years ago) and I re-discovered it when B recommended it to me the other day. I never really have a good impression on Kiehl. I tried quite a few of their products before and didn't like most of them except this one. I apply an excess amount of this every night before bed and it's really moisturising that can last till the next morning.

No. 3
Down Boy by the Balm
I have been using this almost every day this month. A simple matte pink blush that can last all day. The product is seriously pigmented, you just need a tiny bit and sometimes I have to dub a little bit off on the back of my hand before applying it on my cheeks. It doesnt really look baby pink (like what their official website has described it) on my face, I think it's a little bit darker than baby pink. It gives me a natural flush on my medium skin tone. But I think it might be a little too deep for fair complexion (maybe not for you B and K). 

No. 2
leopard print stencil
It makes my boring pencil case looking so much cooler!!! There are so many pattern to choose from, checker prints, small floral prints etc...Very nice!!

No. 1
Dahlia dress
The lovely dahlia dress I got from asos! It got little cats on it!! VERY cute! This is the first high low dress I've owned and I love how flowy it is. I paired it up with black accessories - necklace, shoes, sunglasses and bag. Simple and chic, perfect outfit for shopping! I even went to work with this outfit once. LOVE!

Special featuring: MY MUM's outfit of the day

Great white lace top paired with causal washed denims and LOOK at those shoes!!!! Arent they something? They are from Church's. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

srin <3

Saturday, 2 June 2012


Floral dress - H&M, Denim shirt, Black lace up boots - Ariat

Found this outfit picture of myself, worn to a friend's music gig a few years ago.
Channeling a bit of 90's vibe. Unintentionally looking like Annie Porter from 1994's Speed.

Alike much?

Miss K.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Tail of two cities

The making of:
Faux Leather tee from I.T
Alexander McQueen Scarf
Tailed skirt from Wanchai
Fi x Staccato Wedges 

Wednesday, 23 May 2012







Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Construction men fashion

There is a huge construction around where I live and I've seen a lot of construction men lately. Very interestingly, I've spot this very popular 'fashion trend' among them (as seen in the picture above). It seems that a lot of them like to  roll their shirt right up to where you can see their tummies and most of time their ni.. ahem...yes... I can't say this is too attractive but I do really like the white tee pairing up with destroyed jeans and rain boots and I do agree that this can be a way to diffuse heat. 

So, here comes my  interpretation of their trend, ENJOY! 

 I have no rain boots but ankle boots work nicely too.

White tee (Ben Sherman), destroyed jeans (Superdry), ankle boots (Initial), and  messy hair. Perfect! 

srin <3

Monday, 21 May 2012

Top 5 Best Buy #2

Welcome to the second edition of Top 5. 

I bought all of these in the last month with the exception of number 5. 
Here it goes.

No. 5
White Chocolate & Parmesan Popcorn by Chef Tony's

Ok, a friend gave this to me as a present. 
Who knew two savoury and sweet flavours would mix so well together?
The only let down is that this product is only available in the Philippines. 
If this is available in our country, I would probably go buy it every week, it's that good. 
As Bi says, "ho mei dou soh jor", it's so delicious it makes you go crazy (in a good way of course). 
Here at the April lounge, we are all debating where to place this product at its deserving ranking. Some say that it should be put at a higher spot, but I can only place it at no. 5, as its not available to us at the moment. It's like a craving or obsession that we can't satisfy. 
Chef Tony, if you are reading this, we would love it if you'd bring your gourmet popcorn worldwide.

No. 4
'Game on' Nude Nail Polish by Kit Cosmetics

Smooth. Easy to apply. Doesn't glug. Dries quickly. Long lasting.
Most of all, it doesn't make my nails and cuticles feel dry after days of application.
Kit also offers a lovely collection of colours. 
What more do you want?

 No. 3 
Bamboo Powder Brush by EcoTools

A super fine and smooth brush for my face. 
I got this as part of a 6 piece set for only 8AUD, that's roughly 60HKD. What a bargain!
What I love most about this brand is that they are doing their bit to help the environment. 
The taklon bristles are animal friendly, and the handle is made from bamboo timber. 
Yay for helping the environment. 

No. 2
GorillaPod by JOBY

A pod for photography lovers.
Flexible. Convenient. Fun to use.
All you need is something for it to wrap around to. 
You can check out Kai's review here.

No. 1
Lavender Silk Finishing Powder by Jurlique

 A translucent finishing powder hiding away pores, blemishes and oily skin. 
It makes my face feeling silky smooth from morning to evening, while staying matte.
And I can still smell the lavender scent hours after application.
Also, Jurlique is all about using natural ingredients for the skin.
It is on the expensive side of things but it's well worth it.


Miss K.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Love the way it MINKPINK!

The recipe:

Jacket @Jft Gimlet
MINKPINK one piece print dress
Mischa Travel Series Pouch
Asos Rosary necklace worn as bracelet
Forever 21 bracelet
B's favourite Spiky
Jeffrey Campbell Ankle boot