Sunday, 2 September 2012

The next big trend

Will having armpit hair become the next BIG thing for women?

I was watching Chairlift's 'I belong in your arms' youtube video the other day and couldn't help but noticed lead singer Caroline Polachek's strip of underarm hair while she lifted up her arms to dance. I have started to notice quite a lot of female bands or musicians showing off their unshaved armpits in the last year. Take American band Those Darlins instance, all the band members take pride in their armpits. I first noticed this 'unshaved-armpit movement' in one of their music videos last year. That made me think.

When I was younger, I would take trips to China during school holidays. I remember going to markets and shopping centres in the Summer time, and I would see women wearing sleeveless tops, bearing their bushy underarms to all. At that time I would just laugh at them inwardly and dismiss hair removal as a Western-world-culture-kind-of-thing.

Is having an unshaved armpit feminist? Why is it more socially acceptable for men to grow their underarm hair (even though lots of men remove their hair now)? Why is it expected of a women to have a clean and hairless armpit? Who started this whole trend of hairless armpits? I'm sure women in the 1900s have underarm hair, unlike what is portrayed in today's period films. Since when did we decide that body hair looks disgusting and should be removed, when it acts to protect our body?

I applaud Caroline and the girls from Those Darlins for what they have been doing the whole time, because I don't think I will even have the courage to do so. My first thought when I saw their underarms was "good on them!" I say be confident in what you do. It's only natural for us to have body hair. Why take away something that is supposed to be there in the first place? Why do we have to let society controls how we feel about our OWN body? I know, I know. Body image. Peer pressure. Acceptance. Blah blah blah. Who cares what others think?

Last words

Men: Even though I say not to follow trends and be happy with yourself, sometimes it is good to trim down the armpit hair. No one wants to stand on a bus, tram or metro, in front of a big bush of messy armpit hair, especially when it's sweaty and full of odour.

Everyone: Be bold, be daring, be beautiful, be happy & just be yourself!

Miss K.

Enjoy. Comment below if you think underarm hair will be brought back.

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  1. it is not masculist to trim your armpit hair. We will not be bound be western ideals of beauty.