Monday, 6 August 2012



Enough with the peplum* trend already. I am so sick of seeing more women wear the peplum everyday, at work and on the streets. Most of the time I just don't think it works. Yes, I do admit that I actually really like the look of peplum tops and dresses. It does look flattering to the figure, and it creates the hour glass shape, which I always root for. It dates back to the 1940s, which is a plus for me because I like vintage styles. However, I think that it should belong only on red carpets, movie sets and celebrities (okay, I'll give you the occasional party or dinner too). Peplum is so unpractical for us today. The poofed out overskirt is so in-the-way of other things and restrictive to moving-abouts. You can't even wear a jacket over it in the colder months because you'll squash and crease the overskirt. Don't just follow the trend.

Miss K.

* Peplum is a style of clothing where an overskirt or flared ruffle is attached to the waistline of the top or dress.

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