Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Top 5 Best Buy (Urban Outfitters edition)

Sorry for neglecting this blog, as Srin has already mentioned in the previous post, we've all been super busy with out lives. I for starters have been quite ill and busy with work, so I've been holding out this post for a few weeks. But we are back!

Unless you're super rich and has loads of money to give away, you're not going to buy five items each day regularly and frequently. So for my Top 5 Best Buy today, I've decided to do an edition on the purchases I've made to date from Urban Outfitters (from which I mostly buy online). Online shopping is so popular and convenient nowadays, there are tones of websites to shop from. I particularly like Urban Outfitters because they are quirky, trend setting and full of street style, which I personally love. The miscellaneous household apartment stuff that Urban Outfitters offers are so fun to use.

No. 5
5 Minutes Shower Timer
A shower timer with an inbuilt hourglass for 5 minutes countdown. It has a suction cup at the back for "easy installation". In the country where I live, there's a huge awareness on water conservation. Water to us is a limited resource, so I was really excited upon purchasing this handy timer so that I can waste less water and reduce my water bill aw well. Funny this. This product is so effective, it makes you shower to compete with the sand timer, trying to see who will finish first. I used it for two days (I won the race for every shower so far and I'm really proud of myself), then on the third day before I went to shower I found the timer on the shower floor with the hourglass broken and the sand running out inside the plastic case. The suction cup lost its suction hence the timer has fallen on the floor. Great. Six dollars for two uses only. I really loved this timer (or at least wanted to). My afterthought and advice for other people who own this is to only place it on the wall during each shower and remember to take it off afterwards, to prevent it from falling down at all. 

No. 4 
Deena & Ozzy Sandals
I bought these black covered toe sandals a few years ago when they were on sale for about 20USD. The quality of the shoes aren't great but what can you expect for a pair of 20 dollars shoes. I love the style of these sandals because they are so retro looking. I've been wearing them so much every summer and they are starting to wear out. Might need to start looking for quality pair of substitutes soon.

Cheap Monday Second Skin Jeans 
Go to my acid post to view a picture of it. 
I really should give Swedish clothing brand Cheap Monday the credit for the jeans... I have to say if you are not able to visit their stores in Europe, other retailers pretty much sell them at a ridiculously high price making them not so 'cheap' as their name suggests anymore. So I find Urban Outfitters sometimes offer a good reasonable sale price on these lovelies (you have to keep an eye on them). Thank you UO for stocking them! I bought my first pair of Second Skin online during a sale by pure risk taking. I wasn't sure about the sizing, let alone the acid wash colour, but I took a chance and it really paid off. Cheap Monday is now one of my favourite clothing brands.

No. 2
POP Phone Handset
Say goodbye to phone radiation. This phone handset made by Native Union reduces the chances of you having brain cancer while talking on the mobile phone. You can plug it into any electronic device with an audio port too. It comes in a huge range of colours. Best of all, this handset looks retro and makes a good laugh. Be sure to use them when you are out in public. I dare you.

No. 1
Sound Machine
Another thing that produces a good laugh. Great for awkward dinners and parties. It has 16 different sounds in a machine. From clapping and hilarious laughter, to drum roll and glass breaking. My favourite one is a lady's scream, it is hilarious but I don't use it much as I don't want the neighbours to call the cops.

Miss K.

*Coming soon: The confessions of an online shopaholic!! (Quite ironic considering the contents of this post)