Saturday, 7 July 2012

Top 5 Best Buy in JUNE!

Ok, I admit it, I have been lazy on blogging! My last blog was best buy in May, so that means I haven't been blogging for a MONTH!!! One excuse for that would be I was away for 2 weeks to Melbourne visiting my friends and brother... But yea...other than that.. I was just being...lazy... So enough said, back to the topic. June has been crazy because there is sale EVERYWHERE! It's so hard to resist not pulling out the money (or credit card) from my wallet  so my bank account has been drained once again.. sigh.. I blame the SHOPS!..well... I now declare that I would spend less in JULY... (I think I said this to myself every month..oh well.....) Enjoy the post everyone!

 #5 Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick Collection #16

I got this while I was in Melbourne. Sadly, we don't have rimmel in HK so I do regret not getting a few more rimmel lipsticks. This one I bought is #16, a pink with a slight peachy undertone. The texture is quite creamy, I won't say it's very smooth to apply on but smooth enough. The colour is perfect for those who are looking for something bright in summer but don't wanna be too loud at the same time. The colour is also quite user friendly that would suit most skintone.

#4 moustache necklace by forever 21

What a fun little necklace and there are so many colour to choose from. My best friend got one in mint green. I'm a boring girl so I just got the black.

#3 Justice by Michael J. Sandel
At third place is a book by Michael Sandel who is a lecturer teaching philosophy in Harvard. I got it at the airport because I forgot to bring the book I was reading and I always need a book to read when I travel. I couldn't find the english edition so got the chinese one which I really don't mind that much. Back to the book itself, the book explores a lot of controversies and ethical dilemmas happening in the society such as surrogate parenting, abortion and economic inequalities, uses many case studies and evaluates argument from both sides of the parties. Sandel gives many different angles based on theories proposed by different philosophers and challenges me to re-think what's right and wrong. I love it. Highly recommend!

#2 Moussy beach print shirt dress (top)

For me, this is a little too short to be a dress, for some (like B), it can definitely be a cute little dress! The print consists of the beach, the blue sky, trees, so summery, so unique! I usually just pair it with black accessories, so easy to style and looking chic at the same time :)

#1 Zojirushi bread maker
I didn't really purchase this, my mum did. I don't care but I am still putting this as my number one TOP BUY this month! I'm a bread addict. I love bread. I eat bread more than I eat rice. And this machine is FABULOUS and so fun to use!!!! You just need to put water, flour, sugar, yeast etc.. and press a button and after 3 hours WOW! A fresh loaf of bread is made. And you can use wheat flour, put raisins/nuts/dried fruit (my favorite is blueberry), substitute sugar with honey etc., for different variation. You can also make normal, firm or soft bread.. The only down side is there is only one loaf size. But personally I don't really mind because the loaf size is perfect for my family! YAY to bread maker!

srin <3 

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  1. Srin's home-baked blueberry bread is delish and can definitely be passed off as bakery bought!

    x Mint Moustache Gal