Monday, 21 May 2012

Top 5 Best Buy #2

Welcome to the second edition of Top 5. 

I bought all of these in the last month with the exception of number 5. 
Here it goes.

No. 5
White Chocolate & Parmesan Popcorn by Chef Tony's

Ok, a friend gave this to me as a present. 
Who knew two savoury and sweet flavours would mix so well together?
The only let down is that this product is only available in the Philippines. 
If this is available in our country, I would probably go buy it every week, it's that good. 
As Bi says, "ho mei dou soh jor", it's so delicious it makes you go crazy (in a good way of course). 
Here at the April lounge, we are all debating where to place this product at its deserving ranking. Some say that it should be put at a higher spot, but I can only place it at no. 5, as its not available to us at the moment. It's like a craving or obsession that we can't satisfy. 
Chef Tony, if you are reading this, we would love it if you'd bring your gourmet popcorn worldwide.

No. 4
'Game on' Nude Nail Polish by Kit Cosmetics

Smooth. Easy to apply. Doesn't glug. Dries quickly. Long lasting.
Most of all, it doesn't make my nails and cuticles feel dry after days of application.
Kit also offers a lovely collection of colours. 
What more do you want?

 No. 3 
Bamboo Powder Brush by EcoTools

A super fine and smooth brush for my face. 
I got this as part of a 6 piece set for only 8AUD, that's roughly 60HKD. What a bargain!
What I love most about this brand is that they are doing their bit to help the environment. 
The taklon bristles are animal friendly, and the handle is made from bamboo timber. 
Yay for helping the environment. 

No. 2
GorillaPod by JOBY

A pod for photography lovers.
Flexible. Convenient. Fun to use.
All you need is something for it to wrap around to. 
You can check out Kai's review here.

No. 1
Lavender Silk Finishing Powder by Jurlique

 A translucent finishing powder hiding away pores, blemishes and oily skin. 
It makes my face feeling silky smooth from morning to evening, while staying matte.
And I can still smell the lavender scent hours after application.
Also, Jurlique is all about using natural ingredients for the skin.
It is on the expensive side of things but it's well worth it.


Miss K.

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  1. I wish I can get the popcorn here too!! <3