Tuesday, 1 May 2012


If my friends were asked to use one single word to describe Miss B, I bet the word "標奇立異" comes top. And yes, I am the kinda weirdo who is always eager to explore all sort of stuffs just to make sure the script of life drama is filled as dramatic as possible.
 Life is short. No time for dullness.

For many people, spikes are too outrageous, too awkward, too punk, too rebellious, "well I aint Gaga" "ooooh it really isnt my thing" " too edgy" and the "ooo oooo too tooo " goes on blahhhhhh....
For some fashionistas, Spikes and studds? Excuse me? PAST TENSE
Still in love with all these statement spikes and studds! 

(left to right
 spiky evil eye, spiky statement necklace

All from Topshop,
headband from forgotten online shop,
bangle from La Foret @852)

Well,the thing about fashion.....
You can use it to hide, but it's only magic when you use it to express who you really are.

Enjoy the bank holiday.

Miss B

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  1. I say, do what you want and be confident about it.