Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Construction men fashion

There is a huge construction around where I live and I've seen a lot of construction men lately. Very interestingly, I've spot this very popular 'fashion trend' among them (as seen in the picture above). It seems that a lot of them like to  roll their shirt right up to where you can see their tummies and most of time their ni.. ahem...yes... I can't say this is too attractive but I do really like the white tee pairing up with destroyed jeans and rain boots and I do agree that this can be a way to diffuse heat. 

So, here comes my  interpretation of their trend, ENJOY! 

 I have no rain boots but ankle boots work nicely too.

White tee (Ben Sherman), destroyed jeans (Superdry), ankle boots (Initial), and  messy hair. Perfect! 

srin <3

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