Monday, 4 June 2012

Top 5 Best Buy of the Month - MAY

I love to read B and K's top buy entries so I thought I would do one too! All things shown below were bought in May and they are the things that I have been loving or I just know I will love them for a long time. Enjoy!

No. 5 
Colourful earrings 

 I got this just a few days ago and I'm already in love with them! So colourful with little flowers and fake blue diamonds that gives a little spark for any outfit. And guess how much are they? $25HKD!!!!!!!!!!! FABULOUS!

No. 4 
Kiehl's Lip Balm #1
I used this once when I was in elementary school (OMG around TEN years ago) and I re-discovered it when B recommended it to me the other day. I never really have a good impression on Kiehl. I tried quite a few of their products before and didn't like most of them except this one. I apply an excess amount of this every night before bed and it's really moisturising that can last till the next morning.

No. 3
Down Boy by the Balm
I have been using this almost every day this month. A simple matte pink blush that can last all day. The product is seriously pigmented, you just need a tiny bit and sometimes I have to dub a little bit off on the back of my hand before applying it on my cheeks. It doesnt really look baby pink (like what their official website has described it) on my face, I think it's a little bit darker than baby pink. It gives me a natural flush on my medium skin tone. But I think it might be a little too deep for fair complexion (maybe not for you B and K). 

No. 2
leopard print stencil
It makes my boring pencil case looking so much cooler!!! There are so many pattern to choose from, checker prints, small floral prints etc...Very nice!!

No. 1
Dahlia dress
The lovely dahlia dress I got from asos! It got little cats on it!! VERY cute! This is the first high low dress I've owned and I love how flowy it is. I paired it up with black accessories - necklace, shoes, sunglasses and bag. Simple and chic, perfect outfit for shopping! I even went to work with this outfit once. LOVE!

Special featuring: MY MUM's outfit of the day

Great white lace top paired with causal washed denims and LOOK at those shoes!!!! Arent they something? They are from Church's. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

srin <3


  1. Hi. I really love your dress! Dahlia's dresses are always beautiful.
    Where did you get your leopard print stencil from?

  2. The pencil case reminds me of something I used to do :) Keep up the good work babe :)