Thursday, 26 April 2012

"A honey shower gel with serious sex appeal"

For my first informative blog entry, I've decided speedily, to write about one of my favourite brands - LUSH!
The title comes from the label of one of their products,  Flying Fox shower gel and somehow weirdly, it cracks me up a little every time I read it. A shower gel with sex appeal! How appealing and how cool is that!

I love LUSH because, first and of course is that most of their products smell ridiculously good and delicious, second, is that their products are made by natural and fresh ingredients (although I'm still not sure if that's matter, I assume that it should be healthier for skin than those made by tons chemicals since fresh food is always healthier than luncheon meat or artificial strawberry milkshake), third, they promote fair trade and consider our environment. I told the above reasons to my mum the other day, she looked at me like I'm an idiot and said "You never know if they are telling the truth." That's true, I may not know, but I like companies who at least TRY to protect the environment and made products out of  ingredients such as fresh mandarin!

Let me give you a little review on all of the products I've tried. OH! Actually I will rank them from least liking to most liking!

Porridge Soap - Soap


YUKKK.. I really don't like this. My skin feels sooo dry after this. It can use to exfoliate, but its too gentle that I don't think it does anything.BUT I noticed that my porridge soap does look a little  different from the web, the little pieces that are supposed to act as scrub weren't as compacted in mine. So..I don't know.. *puzzled

Lust- Solid fragrance


To be fair, I have to admit that I don't use fragrance/ perfume as often as I would like to. I always seem to forget about it. The biggest problem I have with Lust is the scent (ironically). I used to like the scent, but as time goes by, I starts to feel that the scent is a little too manly for me and the scent of jasmine and lemongrass is a bit too strong for my taste.

Flying Fox - Shower gel


 Well, flying fox and lust have the same smell. So you know why it's not on my favorite. But it didn't dry my skin and I have dry skin. So that's a pro!

Sweet Lips - Lip scrub


This is a fun product! I have never tried a lip scrub before this. It smells and tastes good (Yea.. I did suddenly eat a little last time). My lips are a little smoother and softer after using it but I feel like you can achieve the same result with sugar and olive oil. So you can actually save the money for other products.


Squeaky Clean - Shampoo bar


Shampoo bar may sound a little odd to some because it's rare. They are really good for the environment because it saves the packaging, the nasty plastic bottle. I bought this because I had dandruff a while back and I was hoping that this can help me out. I love the smell of this. It has a wonderfully fresh herbal smell, unfortunately it leaves my scalp feeling inchy and dry. Sigh... I was really hoping that it would work for me..

Mask of Magnaminty - Face and body mask 


This greeny muddy-textured mask is one of Lush's best sellers. Although this is very popular product, I am not a huge fan of it. I expected this mask will cleanse my pores and reduce the whiteheads and blackheads around the nose, but it didn't really do that. However it does soothe and tone my skin, leaving my skin feeling brighter.

The Comforter, A French Kiss Karma, Dorothy,  Creamy Candy Bubble Bar, Ma Bar, Pop In The Bar - Bubble Bars


Lush bubble bars are AWESOME! They have so many to choose from, choose the smell you like and indulge yourself in a fabulous bubble bath. I assure you that you'll feel happier and relax after a nice bubble bath. My favorite one is The Comforter!!! HOWEVER, $60-80HKD each day for a bath will drain my bank account a bit too quickly. So for me, bubble bars are strictly for troubled and depressed days when I need something to lift myself up :P

Ocean Salt - Facial Scrub


This vibrated blue coloured scrub feels nice on skin and leaves the skin really smooth and soft!! Although it is a FACIAL scrub, I prefer to use it on my body (particularly on my elbows and knees)  because the salt can be a little too rough for face.


 American Cream - Hair conditioner


I see mixed reviews on this conditioner. And I can tell you, when I first used it, I wasn't too happy with the IMMEDIATELY result too. The hair wasn't particular softer, smoother, shinier, or bouncier, like it claims on the website. The formulation wasn't very intense so I have to use quite a lot of product each time to feel that all of my hair, especially the ends is covering with the product. However, as I continuously using it, my hair is noticeably healthier (less split ends) and shinier!! AND of course, THE SCENT AGAIN! It leaves your hair smells like vanilla for at least 2 days. LOVE IT! 

Eau Roma Water - Toner


This  combines the essential oils of two of my favorite flowers, lavender and rose, HOW CAN I NOT LIKE IT!! Give me a little boost each morning when spraying it on my face. I can't say that this actually tone my skin, but it does feel moisturising and not greasy. This product is so simple but it works so perfectly for my dry skin.




This should be a no surprise to Lush regulars, because olive branch is always on the best seller list! I highly recommend it if you are looking for a shower gel that doesn't dry your skin, but leaves your skin very clean and smells SO refreshing. Seriously I will squeeze the product on my hands, sniff it for a good 2 seconds before I apply it all over my body every day!! This also is my favorite scents among Lush products too.. Honey and soft mandarin scent, so delicious and sweet and amazing..

HK people are always too overwhelmed by the smell of the stores and refused to even get in a LUSH store at all, I tell you, get pass the smell (breath through your mouth) and get a product like olive branch and I assure you that you will be impressed!

Thanks for reading! 

srin <3

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